Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers

Local Marketing “How to” Strategies, Ideas and Tips

In order for you to maximize the return on your investment of both time and money, we suggest you:

  • Understand the strategic thinking behind the “Green Recycled Parts” brand
  • Identify your own “hit list” of targets
  • Create a plan of attack
  • Think creatively about how you can adopt the Green Recycled Parts brand at every consumer “touch point”

The Green Recycled Parts Message

We all know that there’s a big societal shift toward environmental concerns. But experience has shown that a “green” message usually does little on its own. What people say about going green and what they actually do about it are often completely at odds. If “going green” does not translate into real benefits, it will not likely translate into action. Therefore, the Green Recycled Parts strategy delivers both key messages to the general consumer… “It’s good for the environment and it saves you money.” The other side of the coin is getting repairers on board. The hard truth is that recycle parts won’t likely ever replace OEM parts as their first choice. There is, however an opportunity to help them re-define the “green recycled parts” business model within their existing framework and expand the market opportunities within that positioning. We must demonstrate how offering a Green Recycled Parts option can help them build loyalty, increase their volume of business and improve their bottom line.

Very simply, the Green Recycled Parts brand essence boils down to…

Green recycled parts are the environmentally conscious, less expensive alternative to OEM parts.

Your Hit List of Targets

In a survey conducted across a sampling of members, you told us that the general public (end users) and vehicle repairers were the most important targets to you for increasing your own business. The materials we have developed are aimed to do just that.

Vehicle Repairers

  • Collision
  • Mechanical

General public (end user)

  • Environmental audience
  • Value conscious
  • Automotive enthusiasts
  • DIY repairers

Create a Plan of Attack

Paid Media (Advertising)

Paid media is generally advertising that you purchase in your local newspaper, community magazine or radio station. These tend to hit a broader range of customers and help you get the “Green Recycled Parts” message out to the general public.

If you do a little digging, you will likely uncover some opportunities to get the message out to a smaller, but more targeted audience as well. Local car clubs and environmental organizations will likely have advertising in newsletters, event programs, etc. available at very low cost.

Go to the resources page to download various print ads that can easily be customized to make them your own. Colour ads are available in traditional ¼ page and ½ page (vertical and horizontal) magazine sizing and a black and white version is available for newspaper ads. A clear area at the bottom of each ad mat allows you to add your own logo, address and contact information. Your local media outlet can shrink the ad mats down or blow them up to fit the size you need and can add your custom information.

Unpaid Media (Public Relations)

There are plenty of opportunities to get “Green Recycled Parts” media exposure for your business that won’t cost you anything but some time, effort and perseverance.

The environment and the economy are hot topics and your local newspapers, television news and radio talk shows are always on the lookout for new angles. The Green Recycled Parts message happens to cover both!

Start by doing some homework, identifying the people within these organizations that are most likely to be interested… environmental specialists, automotive editors, morning talk show hosts, etc. Take the time to introduce yourself and tell them about the Green Recycled Parts initiatives.

Go to the resources page to download some “story ideas”. We’ve designed them so that you can easily customize them and bring them along with you (look for the bold, italic portions and insert your own name, business name and change the “quotes” if you like). They will help you to plant some seeds of interest, but be careful to let the media folks decide when and how (and even if) they will run with it. The best strategy is to soft-peddle the ideas and information and then stay in touch with new ideas (we’ll be updating the story idea downloads on an ongoing basis). Regardless of whether they run with our ideas or take their own approach to the story, over time you will be establishing yourself as the local expert and spokesperson. Whenever they’re working on a story, you’ll be the contact they know and their “go-to” person and reap the benefits of the free media coverage.

Personal Selling

Likely the most effective and economical way for you to benefit from the “Green Recycled Parts” marketing program is a concerted and concentrated effort of personal selling to the vehicle repairers in your area. Set up meetings where you can help them to understand how Green Recycled Parts can increase their business. If you can encourage them to put up the posters in their reception area and make the consumer brochures available to their customers, you’ll be hitting the end-user at the most critical time… when they’re making a purchasing decision.

In order to maximize the return on your time, start with your best industry customers and the highest volume repairers, then work your way down the list to the smaller shops. In order for this strategy to be useful and effective, it is vital that you focus in on some key selling points so the repairers will come on board. Remember that your intention is not to convince them to replace their OEM parts position, but to augment it with a viable option. Explain that if they’re willing to take a fresh look at how the Green Recycled Parts business model fits within their existing framework, they’ll likely see some pretty major increases to their volume of business and improvements to their bottom line.

What’s In It for the Repairer?

New customers…

There is a large group of consumers that actively seek out and demand greener choices when they make any purchase. By at least offering these people an environmentally conscious, less expensive alternative to OEM parts, they will be opening up new market opportunities.

Enhanced customer trust and loyalty…

There are commonly held misperceptions that repair shops are out to wring every last dollar possible from their customers. What better way to build a relationship of trust and loyalty than to offer people a more economical way to repair their vehicle.

More business volume…

The big potential payoff for repairers is the significant drop in the number of total loss and unrepaired vehicles. Especially with the current economy, there are plenty of repairs that never happen because they are unaffordable or don’t make economic sense given the age or condition of a particular vehicle. At roughly half the cost of OEM parts, Green Recycled Parts can suddenly turn a no-go into a viable repair. It’s a win-win situation for the consumer and the repairer.

Other Public Exposure

Be creative and think about all the ways you can add exposure to the Green Recycled Parts message at every touch point with both potential and existing customers… for example:

  • Use the Green Recycled Parts logo on your fleet and posters throughout your location. Include the web site so they’ll know where to go to get more information.
  • Add the Green Recycled Parts logo and web site to your business cards, envelopes, invoices, receipts, letterhead, etc. whenever you’re reprinting them.
  • Consider other places that might find the brochures and posters useful. Libraries, city environmental programs, MPP’s offices, etc.
  • Look for community events where you can set up a Green Recycled Parts display. Car enthusiast events, community gatherings, environmental fairs, fall fairs, etc. are all opportunities to get the message out. The trade show display graphics are available from the association on a first-come basis.