Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers

Marketing Resources

The “Green Recycled Parts” marketing strategy has been used by AARDA and ARC for the past several years. Through trade and consumer advertising, industry and government lobbying and regional media relations efforts, we have begun to create a recognizable “brand entity” for Green Recycled Parts from a “top-down” level. Through ongoing efforts, the recognition of the Green Recycled Parts message will continue to grow in recognition. There are significant opportunities for you as an AARDA member to gain local attention and to grow your own business by adopting the Green Recycled Parts marketing in your local area. We encourage you to use these easy tools to position yourself as the local “Green Recycled Parts partner” and voice of the industry. Not only will you increase your own market demand for Green Recycled Parts, you’ll be creating top-of- mind awareness, making your mark as the local recycling expert, and reinforcing your business as the “go-to” recycler of choice.