Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers





We are pleased to announced that AARDA and Freightcom have joined forces to bring you the very best

Shipping Experience and Shipping Rates.


What is Freightcom?

Freightcom is an online platform that connects you to various Freight/Courier companies.  Within

seconds you can obtain a highly discounted shipping rate for anything from a small package for a

headlight to pallet shipping for engines.  Our platform is designed to help you save time and money on

your shipping.  With your free Freightcom account you will be able to instantly quote and book up to 6

skids/pallets/crates anywhere in North America and Courier shipments going from Canada to anywhere

in the world.  When you book a shipment on Freightcom the system will generate a shipping label for

your courier shipments and a BOL (Bill of Lading) for your Freight, you will then schedule a pickup for

your courier shipments and freight shipments are automatically dispatched.


Our Courier partners include:

Canpar, Purolator, UPS, Dicom, and FedEx

Some of our Freight partners:

Day & Ross, Maritime-Ontario, FedEx Freight, CCT, Kindersley, Speedy, TST, Western Canada Express,

and Overland West just to name a few.


Robert Talevski will be your main point of contact to help you get setup, getting quotes and show you

how to book shipments, we also have a full Operations and Accounting team ready to assist.  Please feel

free to contact me anytime, my contact information including toll free number is in my signature at the

bottom of this email.


For any questions or to get set up with Freightcom, contact:

Robert Talevski Account Executive
T (289) 371-1005 | TF (877) 335-8740 x 152 | Shipping Simplified

[email protected]

Freightcom is excited to be the primary shipping solution for AARDA members and is looking forward to working in tandem for this mutually beneficial business relationship.