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Alberta Automotive Recyclers & Dismantlers Association

Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a member of AARDA – your association!  More benefits are expected to be available to members in the future.  Present benefits enjoyed by members of the Association include the following:

  • AARDA supports what you do by promoting a positive image of the Alberta automotive recycling industry and informing consumers about the environmental and economic benefits of using Green Recycled Parts.
  • AARDA’s Board of Directors and Executive represent your best interests as a member, taking up your concerns with industry stakeholders.
  • AARDA has a representative on the Board of Directors of the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC), who assures the interests of all recycler members. As well, the Executive Director of AARDA sits on the industry membership group that oversees the operation of AMVIC.
  • As a Recycler Member, a portion of the annual fee you pay to AARDA is paid to the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), making you a member of ARC as well. ARC works hard to apprise member recyclers of developments in our industry at the national level. This includes promoting exclusive access by ARC Members to the vehicle end of life programs of Canadian manufacturers. AARDA has two representatives that sit on ARC’s Board to keep you well connected with national initiatives and opportunities.
  • AARDA also works in cooperation with ARC to support your certification under the Canadian Automotive Recycling Environmental Code (CAREC).
  • Your yard is listed on both AARDA’s as well as ARC’s websites to help customers find your business.
  • You are also listed on the Industry Directory of the Salvage Salvage Parts Magazine, without cost, and in other places where AARDA posts its membership roster.
  • AARDA offers fraternity and information sharing with other industry professionals and networking opportunities at meetings, annual conferences and events.
  • Promoting member interests with all levels of government and representation and awareness regarding legislative developments
  • Recycler Members receive reduced or waived loading fees at Impact Auto Auctions.
  • Other tangible benefits to AARDA Members include:
    • Discount from DHL/Loomis (up to 50%)
    • Discount from Canadian Freightways
    • Reduced per minute long distance & toll free rates from Select Com
    • 10% discount from NEBS for promo & stationery items
    • Access to the same group benefit programs offered by the Automotive Retailers Association in British Columbia

Whoever said that ‘Information is Power’ was right – It really does pay to belong to your Association!

Membership enquiries are welcomed from Recyclers as well as Associate Members. If you have any questions, contact AARDA executive director at [email protected].

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