Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers

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Another AGM has come and gone. Sep 22 and 23, 2017, the Grey Eagle Resort and casino was the site for the annual conference. 95 people were registered. The best turnout in recent memory.

The weekend started with an industry meeting. On Friday, the AARDA board meet with executives from major body shop groups and data providers. This was the first time AARAD has sat down like this to discuss how members and the shops can work together to increase used part usage in Alberta. It was an eyeopener for both AARDA and the shops as several different issues were discussed. One of the key successes to come out of the meeting was greater communication between AARDA members and their body shop customers. Good communication can reduce problems, and make solving issues easier for everyone.

AARAD came away with 3 key points to look at.

#1 Parts Availability

#2 Parts grading

#3Parts margins.


Plans are already in the works to tackle these issues are report back to the shops. The shop representatives that attended the meeting were very impressed with the professionalism and dedication AARDA showed.

Saturday was the convention. It opened with a presentation from Michael Wilson, the CEO of ARA. He had a very good talk and related many important points to AARDA members. Mainly, we need to work with National and international associations to combat the issues that, as an individual yard, you would not be able to compete with.

The actual AGM meeting portion of the conference resulted in some important decisions.

2018 / 2019 budget highlights

What will now be included in your yearly fees going forward;

1 – All CAREC audit cists will be covered for each direct member

2 – Impact waves loading fees for AARDA members

2 – Copart waves the yearly $200 registration fee for AARDA members

3 – Members have a discount shipping rate with DHL/Loomis

4 – Members have a discount with Burlington Business forms


Ian Hope has been hired to preform our CAREC audits. He will start in the spring of 2018. All members due for an audit in 2018 will be contacted in advance.

After elections, the 2017 / 2018 AARDA board is;

Ron Campbell                    President

Sara Brophy                        Vice President

Steve Cox                            Past President

Wendy Quick                     Secretary

Raelene Day                       Treasure

Dave Cohen                        Southern Rep

Kelly Popow                       Central Rep

Calvin Kennedy                 Northern Rep

Randy Montgomery        Safety Committee

Ken Sorensen                    Executive director

Bonnie Sorensen was approved to replace Ian Hope as the assistant director

Saturday night saw the revival of an old time favorite event, tappet cover races. John Bruner from Coreline was the winning driver, beating out second place finisher Dave Cohen from Western Auto parts in a close two race finally. After the races were completed, John stated that he wanted to donate his winning to set up a scholarship award in jack Cohn’s memory. The board is putting the details and structure together for this award. Jack was one of the original members of AARDA and a strong supporter.

Date and location for the 2018 conference was selected. 2018 will be held in Drumheller Alberta on Sep 21 and 22, 2018