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AARDA Health & Safety Committee Meeting

AARDA Health & Safety Committee Meeting

January 5, 2017 – 1:30 P.M.


Randy Montgomery                        Chairperson                       Harrys Auto Wrecking

Ron Campbell                                    Director                                Regs Auto Wreckers

Jim Wyllie                                            Director                                PicknPull

John Bray                                             Director                                Big House Converters

Raelene Day                                       Director                                Trappers Auto Parts

Jeff Smith                                            Director                                LKQ Corp.

Valerie Montgomery                      Secretary                             Harrys Auto Wrecking

Ken Sorensen                                                                                    AARDA Executive Director

New Business

The majority of the meeting was spent in discussion of the recent tragedy at Jaspers Auto Parts in Edmonton.  An accident resulted in one of their employees being killed on the job.  Randy spoke with Dave Cohen and Valerie spoke with Cherie Cohen to offer support and to fill them in on what they should expect over the next few weeks and months.  Our committee will be sending out a letter to all the members regarding the accident both in support of the Cohens and their employees’ family as well as to encourage any members who have not yet begun their H&S journey to avail themselves of the tools available now.  The Committee felt strongly that we should stress to the members the penalty phase of such an accident – closure of the business for investigation, fines, pleading to a crime in court,   possible civil suits are just a few of the many penalties that may occur.   Cherie Cohen expressed to Valerie that she would like to join the AARDA H&S Committee to help in any way she can.

Old Business

The members who attended the AGM in September were all given H&S kits to adapt to their own worksites.   At the next meeting, we will compile a survey to determine the level of use of the kit.  Committee members were asked to think of questions they may like to include in the survey.

We will also discuss what we would like to see this Committee do on a go forward basis.

Next Meeting – April 11, 2017 – 1:30 p.m

R. Montgomery – Chairperson