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2013 AARDA Conference and Silver Anniversary at Sylvan Lake

AARDA 25th Anniversary at Sylvan Lake

For those who attended the 2013 AGM and Conference at Sylvan Lake on June 7th and 8th at Sylvan Lake, Alberta, you will enjoy your memories from going through the pictures that are being mailed out to you later this week on a DVD.    I hope you enjoy having the pictures which were taken by Meranda Campbell, the daughter of our Board Member, Ron Campbell in Lacombe.

The pictures are being sent to all AARDA Recycler Members as well as Associate Members.  There are group pictures that may be of particular interest including a picture of the entire AARDA Board of Directors with Steve Fletcher, the Managing Director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada.  As well there is a picture of all of the automotive recyclers that were at the conference and one of those Associate Members that were in attendance.

Pictures were taken of all aspects of the weekend, including the AGM, the presentation on green recycled parts branding that was made by John Couper of Couper Marketing Solutions, the fun golf tournament that was organized by Ken Sorensen of LKQ/Keystone and the gala dinner that followed including the entertainment by comedic western singer Richard Popovich.

It was a marvelous weekend and proved to be a great way to celebrate our Association’s first 25 years!  We hope that members will continue to support AARDA in the next 25 years by coming out to our planned events and by getting involved in any way that they can, including accepting roles with the Board or other volunteer positions.

And finally, I want to acknowledge Wendy Quick, one of the owners of our local member at Sylvan Lake, Lake City Services.  I cannot say enough about how much her hard work and valuable ideas contributed to the success of this year’s event!