Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers

Alberta Automotive Recyclers Raise the Bar On Environmental Standards

Article by Ian Hope, Executive Director of AARDA

Pictured in the yard of Jasper Auto Parts in Edmonton is Colin McKean, the CAREC auditor, with owner Jack Cohen on the right. Jack has been in the auto recycling business for six decades, having taken over the business from his father many years ago

At its annual meeting in Banff in April 2011 the Automotive Recyclers of Canada’s Board of Directors adopted the new Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code (CAREC) as a requirement of membership.  It was determined that a score of 75% or better would be required in order to meet the minimum benchmark for membership in the national, and therefore provincial associations.

Looking back just 18 or so months it seemed daunting to expect all members of the Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA) to reach that level of environmental precaution in their recycling practices that soon.  Yet here we are months ahead of the deadline that ARC had set, with everyone ‘on board’, aside from one yard that opted out of AARDA rather than try to meet the CAREC requirements.

Here Colin goes over the CAREC evaluation with Jack Cohen in the office and daughter Cherry who holds down a management role with the company. She represents the third generation in this family run business.

Aside from congratulating the AARDA yards for their determination and hard work to get this result, there is one person in particular who deserves recognition for this accomplishment, and that is the CAREC auditor, Colin McKean.  He had to make more than one visit to yards whose scores on the first visit were below the minimum benchmark.

With the good advice that Colin had given these yards at the time of their initial visit, they were able to succeed in their score on the second visit.  With more than 55 yards to cover, and some more than once, that represented a pretty heavy work and travel commitment by Colin, some of the travel made in pretty bad weather.  So thanks so much Colin, on behalf of the many friends you have made here in Alberta while serving your AARDA clients!