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2017 AGM SEP 22 & 23

Join A.A.R.D.A. members at the annual conference in Calgary. The event will be held at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino. guest speaker  Michael Wilson, CEO for ARA, will share his insight on the auto recycling industry with us. Friday evening welcome reception, Saturday meetings, including sessions by Car-Part on the value of recyclers data and Hollander on new innovations, will be followed by dinner and a Saturday night social. A favorite event from the past is being revived as tappet cover races will be held Saturday night. For more information, or to register for the conference, contact [email protected], or call 780-470-5820 More

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Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association

The Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA) is a group of more than fifty Alberta businesses, committed to leading the way for our industry in terms of environmentally responsible recycling practices, and maintaining awareness of industry trends, issues and opportunities in order to achieve more positive outcomes.

Our vision is a vibrant and strong industry and the achievement of high environmental standards that benefit our members, customers and Albertans generally.

AARDA’s principal aim is to conserve the valuable resources involved in producing and operating the vehicles driven by Albertans today when they become damaged or inoperable, by recycling the parts.  AARDA also works to inform consumers about the environmental and economic benefits of using green recycled parts so that they can contribute to this enrichment.

As a founding Member of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), AARDA has been at the forefront of the professional auto recycling industry. More